Organizational Development with Real-World Impact

PAC Advisors is a leading advisory firm with a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting African SMEs and Corporate Institutions. Our comprehensive range of integrated and innovative business advisory services includes strategic planning, human capital advisory, training and development, financial and accounting advisory, and more. With a focus on maximising performance and growth, we offer customised solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust PAC Advisors to provide practical and results-driven support to help your organisation thrive.

We offers a wide range of business advisory services designed to optimize technology, provide business insights, and enhance overall organizational performance. 


Innovation stimulation

Innovation process design and review

Innovation process management


Organization Development

Organization structuring – business and operating models.
Policy and Process Design and Review.


Growth and Transformation
Recovery and Turnaround

HR Support

Labour Management
Skills Audit
Policy development



DesignCultureChange ManagementReward RemunerationCapacity building



Strategic Mobility Solutions
Immigration Support Services

PAC advisors help African SMEs and Corporate
Institutions to Maximise their performance. We are a
consortium of partners and specialists with over 100
years of combined technical and advisory experiences.
We have a rich combination of experiences with
Government, SME, Non-Government and Corporate
sectors. PAC is an advisory firm providing comprehensive,
integrated and innovative training, Human Capital
advisory Services, Training and development,
Management advisory Services, Team Building, Financial
and Accounting Advisory Services, Strategy development
and implementation review.

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