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Organizational Development with Real-World Impact

If you are a new business or SME, we are here to help you set up
functional departments like Finance, HR, Operations and marketing, and
give advice on best practices that promote enhanced performance.

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Services we offer

Technology Optimization and Business Insight

We help our business partners design and deploy their own unique systems as well as offer best in class Research & Analytics services

Human Capital Advisory & Training

Supporting you to focus on their development and delivering services that truly target them as an integral element of your organisation.

A Strategic Planning Approach with assured outcomes

We offer dynamic advisory services on all forms of business strategies and performance review & analysis. Our team of advisors have hands on experiences of organisation development cycles

A Holistic Approach to Organization Development

we review your future business requirements and employ techniques of behavioural science to model staff behaviours. We do not stop until we conduct transactional analysis to understand the day to day processes in your business.

Consultancy like never before with the best team

PAC advisors help African SMEs and Corporate
Institutions to Maximise their performance. We are a
consortium of partners and specialists with over 100
years of combined technical and advisory experiences.
We have a rich combination of experiences with
Government, SME, Non-Government and Corporate
sectors. PAC is an advisory firm providing comprehensive,
integrated and innovative training, Human Capital
advisory Services, Training and development,
Management advisory Services, Team Building, Financial
and Accounting Advisory Services, Strategy development
and implementation review.

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