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Holistic Organization Development

Governance and Risk Management:

Human Capital Advisory & Training

Our firm offers a range of outsourced services to meet specific organizational needs. This may include outsourcing entire HR functions, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and employee record management. By entrusting these tasks to our experienced professionals, organizations can streamline their operations, reduce administrative burdens, achieve cost savings, and ensure accuracy and compliance in HR-related processes.

  • manage the payroll process end to end
  • Prepare the monthly payroll processing
  • Generate payslips for staff
  • Tax integration
  • Prepare schedules for statutory submissions i.e. NHIF, NSSF, PAYE,NITA, HELB
  • Make payment of statutory deductions to the relevant authorities
  • Prepare the relevant annual and quarterly income tax reports

provide a preliminary audit service to assess your current Human Resource department compliance status.

Recommendations can be used as a guide for future change programs. This will involve:

  • Compliance with Labor laws
  • Compliance with Best Practice
  • Compliance with Statutory & Regulation requirement

How do you measure the performance of each of your staff?
How do you streamline the objective of your organization to the departmental goals and to individual goals?

The Process

  • We support you to align the performance of employees at the organization
  • We support you in Monitoring the performance of employees at the organization
  • The system helps in streamlining the objectives of the company to the department goals and goals

The Value to your organization

  • To align the whole organizational targets and strategy to individual targets
  • To help develop a performance culture within your organization
  • To Identify development and training needs To reward staff for their achievements (this can be linked to salary reviews and bonus systems)
  • Provide a basis for rewarding exceptional performance
  • Focus on over performance

For companies that are in the process of setting up a Human Resources department OR would like to reenergize their existing Human Resources department, HR Admin complements your in-house team to set you on the path.

We assist you with:

Design and Development of a Human Resource Manual

  • Staff Policies and Procedures
  • Attain compliance with the Labour Laws
  • Benchmark with Best Practice

Employment Contracts

  • Design customized employment contracts for various staff levels
  • Ensure compliance with the Labour LawsBenchmark with Best Practice

Performance Management

  • Design a performance management system
  • Train on the system
  • Implement the performance management system

Job descriptions

  • Design from scratch (where there are no job descriptions)
  • Re-design existing job descriptions with competencies

At PAC , we offer a range of HR consultancy, Talent managements & acquisition, Strategy services to help organization thrive and effectively manage it's resources.

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